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Hitch Umbrella by TailBrella!

The hitch umbrella by TailBrella is the perfect tailgating umbrella!  It was invented by Jamie Spafford, who holds the patent, trademark, and copyright for all TailBrella products. The idea originated at a football game, at The University of Tennessee, when Jamie noticed how much trouble people had setting up tents, which also created traffic issues for police, who were trying to maintain a safe flow of traffic. TailBrella was invented to fix both of these issues. Now the hitch umbrella is the tailgating umbrella!

Jamie Spafford lives with his wife of twenty years (Bethanna) and their son (Gabe) in Alcoa, TN.  Jamie served in the United States Navy, where he earned Plane Captain of the Year.  He is a magna cum laude graduate of Tusculum College, where he earned his degree in business and currently holds the position of Vice President of Tennessee Operations for Republic Plastics.

Uses for the hitch umbrella by TailBrella

  • Tailgating umbrella
  • Hunting umbrella
  • Camping umbrella
  • Cookout umbrella
  • ​Fishing umbrella

  • Yard work umbrella
  • Construction site umbrella
  • Racetrack umbrella
  • Roadside vegetable stand umbrella
  • At the lake umbrella